Program Ads

We sell ads for the programs for our concerts. This is a great way for more people and businesses in our community to hear about our ensembles. You can do your part by contacting area corporations and businesses and asking them to buy an ad to be placed in the programs for the following events:

  • December Sounds of the Season Concert
  • Spring Concert

Please explain that for one charge the ad will appear in both programs.
If the organization or individual is not interested in purchasing an ad, please suggest the option of a tax-exempt donation to the LSYO/JS.  Extra Program Ad forms will be available at the information table or can be printed from the webpage.

We ask that each student sell one page of ads. Alternatively, please consider a tax-deductible donation in lieu of ad sale/purchase.

When you have sold an ad, please download and complete the Program Ad form as follows:

  1. Print your name clearly.
  2. Mark the size of the ad selected.
  3. Have the person purchasing the ad complete the remainder of the form.  Please ask the individual to attach a business card, letterhead, or ad copy as they would like to see it appear in our program. There is room on the form for additional instructions.
  4. PAYMENT IS DUE WITH COMPLETED FORM.  Ask the person to make out a check to “LSYO” and attach it to the form or, if they prefer, they can mail the check and the form to:

Lynchburg Symphony Youth Orchestra
Attn: E. Habitzruther
621 Court Street
Lynchburg, VA. 24504