Membership Requirements

Students are to register online and  print out  the Agreement Form (page 6) in the information packet and return it with tuition payment.

The success of our Lynchburg Symphony Youth Orchestra and Junior Strings depends on its musicians. Commitment is a must. Please read these requirements carefully. Each student and a parent must sign this agreement.  Return it, along with tuition check or installment payment, by the date listed on the Calendar.

I.  Rehearsals and Attendance

Rehearsals take place most Tuesdays at Court Street United Methodist Church in downtown Lynchburg. Your attendance at all rehearsals, dress rehearsals and concerts is required. All performers are important to the ensemble and excessive absences and tardiness are detrimental to the progress of the groups. Excessive absences may result in dismissal. Illness, school conflicts or family emergencies are to be reported to the manager at 434-845-6675 before the scheduled rehearsal and are excused. Please leave a message on the machine. Attendance will be taken at all rehearsals. If absent for any reason, the musician should inquire about the announcements made and music covered at the missed rehearsal from their section leader or stand partner.

II. Promptness and Preparedness

Be ready to play 10 minutes before rehearsals-warmed-up and tuned. Rehearsal equipment needed: instrument, music, mutes, reeds, rock stops, extra strings, and pencils with erasers (never use pen or highlighter on LSYO/JS music).

III. Music and Instruments

You are responsible for your own music. Do not rely on your stand partner to bring the music. Some rental music may cost up to $500.00 per page to replace. There will be a replacement charge for all music lost. Please keep it in good condition; it is all borrowed music and must be returned in the same condition that you received it. Music will be collected immediately following the concert for each semester.

Parents need to be sure that instruments are insured. The LSYO is not responsible for damages incurred before, during or after rehearsals or at concerts.

Percussionists need to carefully return instruments to the locked storage area. Percussionists should bring their own sticks, mallets, etc. and should arrive early to set up properly and return instruments to the storage area after rehearsal.

IV. Conduct

Act professionally at all times and be careful around the many expensive instruments in the rehearsal room, the LSO stands and chairs and percussion equipment. We are guests of Court Street United Methodist Church. Act responsibly! There is no gum chewing allowed on the premises, and please keep the floor clean at refreshment time. All persons should stay away from the grand piano. There is absolutely no writing on the music stands. Students are not permitted in other areas of the church except for auditions and sectionals. Please enter and exit the church from the rehearsal room door.

V. Concert Dress

LADIES: Long or short-sleeved white blouse, full-length black skirt or black wide-legged black pants, dark hosiery, and black shoes. No tight fitting or low cut blouses. No high slit skirts or tight pants are allowed.

MEN: Black pants, white shirt, black shoes and socks, and long dark ties.

VI. Tuition

To cover our expenses participation in the LSYO/ JS will be $250.00 per year. There will be no refunds. Partial financial scholarships are available. Please see the manager for a financial statement form.

You can pay the annual tuition in full and submitting payment by the registration deadline in August along with the membership agreement and volunteer forms.

You may also pay in 3 installments.  The first payment ($85) is due in by the August deadline, along with the membership agreement and volunteer forms. Two additional payments of $85 and $80 will be remitted at or before the rehearsals on dates listed on the Calendar. Students will be dropped from the organization if all fees are not received.

VII. Snack and Rehearsal Clean-up

Each week the LSYO, with the help of dedicated volunteers, will provide snacks to the students. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to socialize and to energize after their full days of academics, sports and other activities. All families will be asked to assist with snack service and kitchen clean up once each semester. In addition, orchestra students will take turns putting away stands and rearranging tables. Please see the snack/kitchen volunteer information in the registration packet and return the form appropriate for your student (LSYO or Junior Strings).

VIII. Photography/Audio

By signing the agreement, the parent/guardian of each student gives consent for the LSYO/JS to make audio and video recordings and take photographs of the student during any LSYO/JS activity.  The parent/guardian also gives consent for the LSYO/JS to use those recordings, photographs and the student’s name for any purpose related to the LSYO’s activities, including advertising.